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Financial Data


  • What are the claim data from last month?

  • When is the last time you read the claim data on spine orthopedic surgery?

  • How many of your employees are overweight and requesting Ozempic? 

Business lady

 "Hm... I would like to know, but carriers won't share data". 

Head of benefits

We can help. Our patented AI model can monitor  population health among  your employee group in real time, and  predict catastrophic claims. 

With transparency and accuracy of health data, you can manage risk portfolios, and optimize your healthcare budget and benefits. 

Predict catastrophic claims

Patented AI model

  • Aggregates anonymized population health data from your employee group. 

  • Ranks health metrics based on frequency on a monthly basis.

  • Identifies high cost items to predict catastrophic claims.

health data dashboard.jpg

Case Study: A trucking company with 300 members

Was able to act on the highly searched "low back pain surgery".  Contracted with local ambulatory surgery centers without a deducible. Saved 75% cost on facility and service fees. 

Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 1.05.00 PM.png

12 searched treatments each has a cost higher than $50,000

Back Pain Treatment

"low back pain" appears with the highest frequency among employee group.  

worker and truck.jpg

Reduce health spending and transfer the savings into employees' earnings. 

Look forward, not backward

The entire health data industry is built on looking back. We are in the business of measuring current health trends and predicting the future.



Download our E-Book to help you unleash the transparency and accuracy of health data! 

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