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Sam Rahman
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Yaopeng Zhou, Ph.D 
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Jovita (JJ) Juanillo
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Sam, Yaopeng and JJ are co-founders of smart vision health

Sam is a Natural Language Processing technology expert. Yaopeng is a medical device inventor. A decade ago, Sam and Yaopeng successfully built an eye-care telemedicine solution for rural America.  When training an AI model that can generate lens Rx with 99% accuracy, Sam and Yaopeng realize AI has a huge potential in healthcare. The secret sauce is that AI is excellent in learning complex, but rule based disciplines.


JJ is an author, seasoned health insurance underwriting and pricing expert with over 25 years of experience, specializing in advanced AI health underwriting, risk assessment validation tools, and innovative strategies to cut costs while enhancing employee benefits. Her career includes key underwriting roles at top benefits consulting firms and insurance giants like United Healthcare, BlueShield, Anthem, and CIGNA. With deep expertise in health insurance underwriting, predictive analytics, and self-funded stop-loss solutions, JJ’s strategic insights and innovative approach as a founder and board advisor make her an invaluable addition to our team.


​​Sam, Yaopeng and JJ are working together toward helping millions of Americans in finding more affordable healthcare solutions. Combining expertise in AI and health insurance, the co-founders invented and patented a new mechanism to collect health data for risk assessment.  


US healthcare is an opaque and stagnant industry. There is tremendous waste and lack of competition. We are aiming to bring transparency and competition to healthcare, and lower costs for consumers.

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