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Sam Rahman and Yaopeng Zhou previously worked together on a telemedicine venture. We helped deliver affordable eyecare to 240,000 Americans who live in rural areas. We saw first hand how powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be in clinical applications. Now, we want to use AI to tackle the biggest challenges in the US healthcare industrial complex. 


US healthcare consumption is equivalent to roughly 20% GDP.  If we follow the money, health insurance coverage and payment is the biggest black box. There are a few dozen experts who truly understand how the insurance system works, but to most of us, it is opaque. To boil down the economics, there are conflicts of interest existing in the system. You see, one party (providers) wants to get paid for the service delivered and the other party (payers) wants to hold on to the cash. Patients are stuck in the middle. 


Our job is to parse the code of complexity and streamline the process. AI is the perfect technology to learn the complexity of insurance coverage and clinical execution. Our AI product delivers clarity and adds top line revenue to providers. 

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