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Respiratory disease and climate change

Today, NYC is covered by smoke. Our sky is hazy and the air quality is poor. We are recommended to stay indoors. My child's school field trip is cancelled. We are seeing the impact of climate change and probably will see more in the future.

Poor air quality means more respiratory disease. How does respiratory therapy care manifest in terms of insurance coverage?

When is the following treatment medically necessary for the condition specified? Pulmonary rehabilitation is considered medically necessary for individuals with chronic respiratory impairments that cause disabling dyspnea and significant impairment in quality of life, despite optimal medical management. The individual must also be free from comorbidities that interfere with the rehabilitative process or place them at undue risk during exercise training. What are the clinical indications that would make this necessary? Respiratory therapy care may be used for improving respiratory function, increasing strength or endurance of respiratory muscles, and preparing for and recovering from lung surgery. It is also used for helping to reduce dyspnea, improve exercise capacity, total energy expenditure, and quality of life, as well as reducing hospitalization rates and overall utilization of medical resources in patients with chronic respiratory disease.


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